How did I get to China?

In the beginning

My journey to China started with a “it’s too good to be true” feeling. I was contacted by Tony from Chinease LTD offering me a job with great pay, great benefits and a chance to live in China?! I initially was a little sceptical – and left it for a while. Tony did his job as a recruiter – he was persistent but not overbearing, he reached out to me again a while later and explained everything in further detail, and that he was simply trying to match the most ideal candidates to the schools he was working for.  

Once he had made clear the outline of the job the application was very easy at this point.

Tony and his colleagues guided me through every step of the process. They made very clear the requirements of the job and my role. Additionally, they guided what I would need for entry to China and all the documentation required. Any queries I had at this point would be answered extremely promptly – even from their offices in China.  

During the process

Tony and Chinease LTD organised interviews with myself and their colleagues as soon as I was available and ensured the interviews were helpful, informative and undaunting. They also arranged for additional interviews with their colleagues in China if I required additional information regarding how that school operated – as opposed to misleading and blanket statements, which really put me at ease.  
Alongside all of this, Tony and Chinease LTD arranged all of my VISA requirements for me. The process was very easy – the most arduous part was the coach journey from Manchester to London. All of their agents made the process extremely easy and the time spent in the embassy less than an hour in fact!  
To add to all of the above – Tony contacted the company I was going to work for and asked to help with flights, due to some financial difficulties and managed to negotiate some financial aid with this area, really going above and beyond their expected remit.  

In the end

Finally (almost anyway), Tony being my personal agent – has been so supportive during my transition time in China. Whether this be arranging for documents to be sent to me, communicating with the school regarding VISAs, residency permits, my rights etc. He also would frequently communicate with me just to ensure I was okay – his hometown is not far from where I work. (Also, my hometown is five minutes away from his workplace – weird?)  

I have now become friends with Tony, he has helped with many things whilst in China. He has gone above and beyond what I would expect of any recruitment agent – and I have no doubt that all of the staff members of Chinease LTD would do the same.  
If you are considering moving to China, I would strongly recommend both Tony and Chinease LTD – they have an expansive knowledge of both Chinese culture and its education system, and they will support you in any way necessary during your transition and period in China.  

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