Avi started teaching English in China, here’s his experience

To me, a key component of doing well in China is to build strong friendships with local people.

Chinese people I have gotten to know have been extremely warm and helped me with everything from buying new glasses to improving my Chinese. While your inclination may be to socialize more with your fellow English teachers, you will miss out many opportunities to learn about the local culture and will find your life more difficult if you limit yourself to English speakers while in China.

A key part of building a good network is being open-minded. Cultural gaps between China and the West can be wide and being patient and open to the local way of doing things shows respect and will endear you to locals.

Teaching English in China presented me with a unique opportunity to absorb a different worldview, and I consider myself as much a student there as a teacher. I always think fondly of my students and colleagues there, who made me feel at home throughout my teaching experience.

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