1. Am I eligible to teach in China?

To be eligible to teach in China you will need three things: a bachelor’s degree, TEFL/TESOL/CELTA or any other equivalent certificate OR a reference letter evidencing 2 years of teaching experience.

You can take our Eligibility Quiz to check if you qualify to teach in china and which position will suit you best.

Take our Eligibility Quiz here

2.  Do I need teaching experience to teach in China?

Not necessarily. Some Training schools do accept teachers who do not have 2 years of teaching experience but will require TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate. Also, the salary will not be high for teachers without experience.

When it comes to Chinese Universities or International schools, they do require teachers to have minimum 2 years of teaching experience due to the higher level of teaching and language level of their students.

3. I don’t have bachelor’s degree; can I teach in China?

The Chinese government strictly requires a minimum of bachelor’s degree in order to process the work visa to teach in China. There are no exceptions to this rule.

4. I am from Non-Native Country; can I apply?

The shortest answer the question is yes. To get the work ‘z’ visa to teach English in China one must be from a native English-speaking country (UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand)

However, there are subject teaching positions (Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Social Science etc) for non-native speakers if they match entry criteria requirements. The basic requirement for Subject teaching position is bachelor’s degree minimum (Preferred Master’s degree in the related field) and 2+ years of teaching experience in the relevant field.

5. How long is the application process?

The average application process takes around 8-10 weeks in total, providing that you already have TEFL certificate/reference letter, police check, and a bachelor’s degree certificate.

Around 1 week for school matching process; 4 weeks to complete the interview process, document notarization and authentication; around 4 weeks for the school to apply for the work permit; 1 week to process z visa application.

For candidates without the required documents will take longer.

6. Can you give tips for the interview with the schools in China?

Please read our Top Interview Tips to ace your ESL interview with the school. Contact us if you need further help.

7. What if I don’t have a Teaching certificate?

You can attend the 120hrs TEFL course which provided by our cooperated organizations with lower tuition fee to be eligible. Or you can provide the reference letter which shows you have at least 2-year full time teaching experience to be eligible.

8. I am applying with a partner/friend; can we be placed with the same school?

The answer is yes. Since some of our schools will have 2 or more positions. They would like to hire both of you if you both are qualified. Also, you can ask CHINEASE LTD for help. We can help match a position where you and your partner/friend can work together in the same school or the same city.

9. Will I get any vacation?

Any type of school will have 13 days national holidays. And other vacation will depend on school type. All the international schools and Universities receive summer and winter holidays as well. During your vacation, you can travel around, enjoy local culture and pursue your interests.

10. Will accommodation be provided by the school?

Yes, all schools provide a standard apartment to the teachers. The apartments will be modern furnished and with complete set of appliances, comfortable and located within 20 minutes of the workplace. If the apartment is provided then either, CHINEASE LTD or the employer school will be able to show you photos of the apartment.

In few exceptions when the school does not provide an accommodation then it will provide accommodation allowance and the amount will be depending on the city.v

11. Do I need to pay for my flights?

Yes, initially the teachers’ need to pay for their flight to China. This will later be reimbursed as per the conditions on your contract.

12. What is the cost of living in Tier1/Tier2/Tier3 city in China?

Check our Cost of Living guide which provides breakdown of cost for accommodation, traveling, entertainment and others into Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 cities in China.

13. Is it difficulty to apply for Chinese Working Visa?

Visa application is easy but the process to apply for the Chinese Work Permit Notice is much complex as it requires to get notarise, legalise and authenticate your documents. You can find a local agent to help you finish it. (Before doing, please check with your employer about the requirements). You can also choose CHINEASE LTD’s Authentication service.

14. Should I know Chinese/Marian in China?

In Tier 1/2 cities, you can travel most of the places without knowing Chinese. In Tier 1 and 2 cities, you can find signs and directions boards in English in most of the places. But we would still suggest you pick some Chinese words and phrases, especially when you are in the local convenience store.

15. I graduate in the spring, can I teach in China in the fall?

The answer to it depends on when you receive the degree certificate.

You may use a letter from your academic advisor to confirm your anticipated graduation for your application, but the bigger issue is the visa application. You will have to use the actual degree certificate to apply for the visa. The Chinese visa process is lengthy and inflexible – it will take 4+ weeks from the day you receive your degree to the day you get your visa back.

16. Can my family member come with me?

Yes, your family member can visit you in China. Once you have received the residence permit in China you can then apply for family visa for your visitor. We will assist you in making an application to receive the family visa.

17. Why schools required native speakers to be teachers?

This requirement does not apply to all positions and only apply for ESL teaching positions. If you are not a native speaker but are working as an English teacher in China, you may face some legal problems. The Foreign Experts Bureau (FEB) in China has strict rules of employing teachers from foreign countries by the law dictated by the Chinese government. They require teachers to hold at least a bachelor’s degree and have a clean criminal background. Only under these conditions will they meet the qualification and be able to legally secure the work permit in China.