My experience of teaching in an International school in China

Hello to all you future candidates thinking of moving to China! Since I left a year ago, it has been full of surprises. Making the decision to work abroad has been one of the most challenging yet best decisions I have ever made. I have developed my teaching pedagogy, met friends from around the world and have been immersed in a completely different culture and language.

Be prepared for the challenges you will be faced with if you are unable to speak Chinese however, as time settles there will be an opportunity to grow through this experience and even pick up some of the language over time. There is a great community of expats here, who are always looking out for one another. You are never alone.

Teaching in the UK and here in China as a comparison is completely different; in many ways its easier! The students are fantastic and full of inspiration.

As for CHINEASE, they have been nothing but supportive through the experience, ensuring they find me the best suitable position and overcome any work-related challenges you may be faced with, with regulations.

During the epidemic, they ensured I was safe during this time, and I was treated fairly with my new employer. Over this time, I have explored the beauty of China and here are some pictures of my travels!

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