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About SMIC


Shanghai SMIC Private School is located in Zhangjiang, Pudong, Shanghai (known as “Silicon Valley of China”). It was founded by Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation in 2001. It is a private school integrating kindergarten, elementary school, middle and high schools. The school consists of Chinese track and SMIC International Division, including two kindergartens (headquarter and Tangzhen Campus). At present, there are 3391 students from 38 countries and regions in the world, and 554 teaching staff (including 154 overseas teachers, of which 140 overseas teachers are in elementary and middle and high schools).

SMIC School is a school with advanced educational philosophy.

The school adheres to the motto of “Honor, Excellence, Community, Joy”.

The school’s goal is to make students become good citizens with perfect personality, solid academic foundation, innovative spirit, practical ability, strong physique and physical and mental health. The school strives to, and make the school itself a first-class standardized private international integrated education school with high quality and distinctive characteristics characterizes itself by the integration of international and local curriculum.

The school adheres to the path of “diversification and characteristics”, advocates “the combination of east and west and the integration of Chinese and western cultures”, combines the cultivation of innovative practical ability with the rigorous teaching style, and pursues the first-class international education.

SMIC School is a vibrant modern school.

The school covers an area of 120 mu, with exquisite and elegant campus environment. The construction area of the campus is more than 80000 square meters. Complete facilities include modern computer rooms, language labs, libraries, multimedia center, artificial intelligence classroom, physics, chemistry and biology labs. The school has also built a gym, indoor basketball hall, badminton hall, volleyball court, tennis court, 400 meter track and a soccer field. Perfect venues and modern facilities provide a good teaching environment for Chinese and foreign teachers and students.

The school has formed a systematic and scientific fifteen-year- coherent aligned curriculum, which not only reflects the sufficiency and characteristics of national curriculum, but also reflects the integration and diversity of international curriculum. The rich courses meet the development needs of students from different tracks and are deeply recognized by educational professionals. We pay attention to the cultivation of students’ practical ability and innovative spirit. We also pay attention to the overall development of students’ learning process and comprehensive quality.

SMIC School is an international style school with strong teaching resources.

The school has a group of leaders who are proficient in Chinese and Western learning and familiar with international education. They have extensive experience in education, teaching and school management, and devote all their wisdom and energy to the development of SMIC School.

Our well qualified teachers have excellent qualifications, coming come from different educational backgrounds and have extensive work experience. Among them, 42.91% of teachers have master’s degree or above. Under the guidance of the school’s philosophy of “adopting the advantages of Chinese and foreign education and integrating multi cultures”, teachers from different countries learn from each other and complement each other, forming a teaching team integrating the advantages of eastern and Western education.

SMIC School is a diversified school well received by the society.

The school has SMIC’s “character education” curriculum system and rich and colorful school-based activities of Chinese and western cultures. Teachers and students from all over the world gathered in SMIC School, forming a diversified and inclusive campus culture. The school encourages students to form various clubs and actively participate in academic, artistic and sports exchanges and competitions at home and abroad. Over the years, the school and students have achieved remarkable results.

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