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Jiangsu Ocean University is a multi-disciplinary applied research university. The school was founded in 1985, formerly known as Huaihai Institute of Technology, and changed its name to Jiangsu Ocean University in 2019. The school has successively won many honors such as the Jiangsu Provincial Civilized Unit Model, the Jiangsu Province faculty construction advanced unit, the Jiangsu Provincial Science and Technology Work Advanced University, the National Internal Audit Advanced Collective, and the National College Student Social Practice Advanced Unit. In 2010, the school was approved by the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council as a master’s degree-granting unit, and in the same year, the graduate students were independently trained.

The school is located in the core area pilot area of the “Belt and Road” junction, the East Asia Bridge of the Eurasian Continental Bridge, and the first coastal open city in the country, Lianyungang City. The main campus is located in the National 5A Scenic Area. At present, it covers an area of 2,184.87 mu and the school building area is 657,400 square meters. There are 1584 faculty members and more than 20,000 full-time undergraduate and graduate students. The school consists of the College of Marine Life and Fisheries, School of Mechanical and Ocean Engineering, School of Civil and Harbor Engineering, School of Surveying and Oceanographic Information, College of Marine Resources and Environment, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Chemical Engineering, School of Computer Engineering, School of Pharmacy, 19 secondary colleges, including colleges, business schools, Marxist colleges, liberal arts colleges, foreign language colleges, law and public administration colleges, art colleges, sports colleges, applied technology colleges, and continuing education colleges, with 67 undergraduate majors and professional coverage. Ten disciplines, including engineering, science, management, literature, agriculture, law, economics, art, education, and medicine.

The school has a team of teachers who love high education, both teaching and research capabilities, both theoretical and practical, and both. Among the 1,160 full-time teachers, 613 have senior professional titles, including 150 high and 362 doctors. There are 2 outstanding national teachers, 2 famous teachers in Jiangsu Province; 2 national high-level talent introduction programs, 2 high-level innovation and entrepreneurship introduction programs in Jiangsu Province, 1 Jiangsu special-employed professor, and outstanding contributions from Jiangsu Province. 2 experts; selected by the Ministry of Education Key Teachers Funding Program, Jiangsu Province “333 high-level talents” training project, Jiangsu Province Higher School Blue Blue Project, Jiangsu Province six talents peaks and other provincial and ministerial level talent projects 219 person-times; One excellent engineering teaching team and four outstanding scientific and technological innovation teams. More than 100 teachers have been employed as part-time professors, doctoral tutors and master tutors by universities at home and abroad. The school has also hired a group of famous experts and scholars such as Ning Jinsheng and Academician Jiang Xingwei as part-time professors.

The school has a full range of fully functional infrastructure and school conditions. The school has 65,000 sets of teaching and research laboratory equipment, with a total value of 356 million yuan, including nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer, protein crystallization system, single crystal diffractometer, chromatography mass spectrometer, multi-beam sounding system, online particle size analyzer. More than 470 sets of precision and precious instruments such as scanning electron microscopes. It has 12 provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration centers and 35 teaching and research laboratories, including basic chemistry, university physics, biology, modern business and port logistics, and electromechanical integration. There are more than 1.68 million paper books in the library, more than 1,000 papers in Chinese and foreign languages, 730,000 electronic journals, 9.107 million dissertations, and 5332 hours of audio and video. They have China Knowledge Network, EBSCOhost, Springer-Link, and ScienceDirect. There are 25 kinds of electronic literature databases, and 6 marine special feature databases have been built. The total indoor and outdoor sports venues of the school are 163,000 square meters. It has the main sports ground, the second sports ground, the main gymnasium, the Tongguan Gymnasium, the dragon boat training hall, the basketball volleyball court, the tennis court, the yoga hall, the billiard hall, the table tennis hall, and the dynamic. A large number of indoor and outdoor sports facilities, such as bicycle room, martial arts room, gymnasium and water project training ground, can meet the needs of physical education, sports training and group activities. The school is a national model unit for greening, with a green coverage rate of 50%. The ecological, gardening and economical campus is basically formed.

Jiangsu Ocean University adheres to the cultivation of talents as the center, and strives to cultivate applied talents who are quick-handed, resilient, socially responsible, innovative and practical, and adapt to local economic development and grassroots work needs for local economic and social development. The professional construction closely focuses on the need to change the mode of economic development, and constantly strengthens the adjustment and development efforts. At present, it has three national-level first-class specialty construction points such as “marine technology”, “chemical engineering and technology” and “aquaculture”. 9 special specialty schools in Jiangsu Province, 2 national comprehensive reform pilot projects, 9 key projects in Jiangsu Province, and 4 majors in “Marine Technology” were selected as the first batch of “13th Five-Year” brand in Jiangsu Province. The first phase of the project construction project.

Jiangsu Ocean University continued to strengthen curriculum construction, continuously expanding the total number of courses, optimizing the curriculum structure, and improving the teaching level of the curriculum. Actively explore the undergraduate talent training model under the condition of complete credit system, and continuously deepen the reform of teaching content and examination methods. In October 2013, the project passed the acceptance test hosted by the Provincial Department of Education and was selected as a typical case of national education reform and innovation. The school education and teaching reform won 2 second prizes for national outstanding teaching achievements, 2 first prizes and 7 second prizes for excellent teaching achievements in Jiangsu Province. The student dragon boat team won the championship of the Chinese University Dragon Boat Championship three times and won the World University Dragon Boat Championship three times. In the past five years, more than 3,600 students have won awards in national and provincial competitions such as the National Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Competition, the National College Students Mathematical Modeling Contest, the China Robot Contest, the National College Students’ Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Social Practice and Technology Competition. For more than a decade, the employment rate of undergraduate graduates has remained above 96%. Nearly a thousand students have been selected into the “School of Volunteer Service in the West”, “Student Volunteer Service in Northern Jiangsu” and “Village Official Plan” in Jiangsu Province. One person won the “China Youth Volunteer Service Gold Award” issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League, and one person was awarded the honorary title of “China University Student Self-Strengthening Star” by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the National Federation of Students.

Jiangsu Ocean University adheres to the two wings of scientific research and social services, and strives to provide intellectual contribution and technical support for local economic and social development. According to the national strategic needs and regional development characteristics, optimize the discipline structure and consolidate the discipline direction, “Marine Science” is the dominant discipline in Jiangsu Province, mechanical engineering, control science and engineering, computer science and technology, bioengineering, materials science and engineering, pharmacy, Eight disciplines such as Chinese Language and Literature and Applied Economics are the key cultivation (construction) disciplines in Jiangsu Province. The school has 6 first-level master’s degree programs and 5 professional master’s degree points. Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Bioresources and Environment, Jiangsu Marine Bioresource Utilization and Quality Safety Control Engineering Center, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Marine Biotechnology, Jiangsu Key Laboratory of Advanced Material Function Control Technology, Jiangsu Marine Drug Activity Key Laboratory of Molecular Screening, Jiangsu Marine Resources Development Research Institute, Jiangsu Marine Economic Research Center, Jiangsu Province SME Marine Biotechnology Public Technology Service Platform, National Science and Technology Enterprise Incubator, and other technologies with distinctive marine characteristics and strong disciplines R&D and service platform. In recent years, it has won 34 provincial and ministerial level research awards, including 2 national science and technology awards. The school and the Communist Youth League Jiangsu Provincial Committee jointly established the Jiangsu Provincial Village Official Research Institute. In 2010, it established the first “College Student Village Official Field” in the country. Each issue issued 24,000 copies to the whole country, which aroused widespread concern in society. The school organizes teachers into the government, enters the enterprise, enters the community, and enters the township to carry out social services. It is the supporting school of the “Shuxian County, Strong Farmers and Rich People” project in Jiangsu Province, and has won the advanced colleges and universities of Jiangsu Province .

International Cooperation

Jiangsu Ocean University adheres to opening up and international cooperation, and strives to build a high-end platform for regional economic and social development and cultural exchanges. The university has signed educational and scientific research cooperation agreements with many foreign universities, and has maintained friendly contacts with dozens of universities in the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. Perennial foreign cultural and educational experts are invited to teach at the school. Each year, outstanding young and middle-aged teachers are selected to study abroad and participate in international academic exchange activities. Many teachers participate in the compilation and review of international academic journals. The student overseas study program is working well and the number of international students coming to the school has steadily increased.

The 21st century is the century of the ocean. At present, the teachers and students of the whole school are closely surrounding the national “ocean power” strategy and the “One Belt and One Road” construction, fully implementing the decision-making arrangements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, giving full play to the location advantages of the coastal cities, closely connecting the regional emerging industries, and accelerating The pace of reform and development, the actual improvement of the quality of running schools, and the efforts to accelerate the construction of high-level applied research-oriented ocean universities and the education of the party and the people.

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