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CWA is an international school that serves Chinese students. Built by the founding team of United World College (UWC)-Changshu, CWA consists of a high school and middle school that aim to give Chinese students wider access to the UWC+ experience. On May 13, 2021, the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) officially authorized CWA’s IBDP program (authorization code: 061715) as an IB World School, completing the authorization within the school’s first year.

UWC Changshu and Tsinghua University High School support CWA’s curriculum development, extracurricular activities, university admissions counseling, and pedagogical approaches.

It is a school that mixes significant genes from both Chinese and Western education.

CWA combines the concept of respect, mission, passion, and independence which notably advocated in Western education, with the excellence, grit, collaboration, and learning by doing that have been passed down from generation to generation in Chinese culture. It is committed to creating an international education experience that is future-oriented and takes advantage of eastern and western cultures.

It is a school that maximizes the benefits of the IB curriculum.  

CWA provides students with an education based on the IB DP curriculum. On the one hand, it encourages Chinese students to continue Chinese language learning, and on the other hand, it enables Chinese students to enhance the academic strength that is internationally recognized, which ultimately facilitates students with global competitiveness in the 21st century.

It is a school with a strong sense of idealism and innovation.  

CWA is aware of the difference of STEM education between China and the West. It concentrates on guiding students to apply what they have learned, master the project management skills and design thinking needed to solve the real-world issues, and actively address the challenges of sustainability.This is a school designed for the development of Chinese students. 

CWA is student-centered. Through boarding life, extracurricular activities, and university counseling, students can find themselves, understand themselves, and realize themselves. It is the necessary path to obtain the psychological maturity and self-management ability needed for living abroad in the future.

This is a school where home-school relation is built for mutual trust and growth.

CWA knows parents’ expectation. Therefore, it creates home-school communication mechanisms and parent programme, which builds an environment of mutual trust, cooperation, and learning together, supporting families’ academic planning and individualized development of students.

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