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The mission of BASIS International Schools, China is to provide our students with a transformative early childhood and K – 12 education. With the cutting-edge BASIS Curriculum, through exceptional teaching and faculty mentoring, we will produce graduates who have the broad intellectual and international perspectives, critical thinking capabilities and creative problem-solving skills to be leaders in their future world.

Teachers who love teaching, inspire students to love learning.

If you ask any BASIS Curriculum student what makes their school different and special, their answer will be “the teachers.”

Educators in the BASIS Curriculum Schools network believe that subject matter expertise and the talent to inspire students are the most vital combination of elements to teach content knowledge, creative thinking, and problem solving at the highest international levels. Therefore, it is essential for every BASIS Curriculum teacher to possess these qualities.

BASIS Curriculum teachers are true professionals. They are held accountable for student learning, so they work collaboratively with their peers, sharing successful ideas and lesson plans to ensure that everyone is teaching at the highest possible levels. They are also encouraged to develop their own classroom learning culture in order to share their enthusiasm for each lesson and inspire in their students a lifelong love of learning.

BASIS Curriculum teachers utilize creativity, innovation, and thoughtful experimentation to teach traditional educational concepts in a truly modern form. This unique approach creates an inspiring and engaging learning environment for students, and is the essence of our worldwide learning community and the BASIS Diploma.

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