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22/02/2019 CHINEASE
Job title:
Subject Teacher
Work type:
Full-time job
Age group:
12-18 Years Old Students
1. Visa application fee reimbursement 2. Free accommodation provided 3. Public holiday, winter/summer holiday 4. Health Insurance and 7 days sick leave in a year with pay 5. Basic living Assistance
Other benefits information:
Total salary: 22,000-26,000RMB/Month
Work requirements:
1. Bachelor or above degree. 2. Two years subject teaching experience. Applicants who have teaching license preferred. 3. Notarized diploma and background check by Chinese Embassy. 4. Health check by the hospital appointed by entry-exit inspection and quarantine in Shenzhen. 5. At least 2 reference Letters from the previous schools including the position, work duration, teaching performance, director's signature, school stamp, telephone number and email address.
Work Load: 45mins/period, 24 periods/week in Maximum, 20 periods/week in average for teachers. Working hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00-11:40, 13:00-17:00. On Friday teachers can get off work at 15:40. Personal Business time: Every teacher can take 1/2 day off every week except for Monday morning and Friday afternoon.
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