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04/04/2018 CHINEASE
Job title:
International English Teacher
Work type:
Full-time job
Age group:
8-16 Years Old Students
Suzhou/Nanjing/Shenzhen, China
1. 2000RMB housing allowance or free accommodation (a high standard) 2. Annual Air fare 3. Chinese Working Visa 4. Travel bonus 5. Public holiday and annual vacation 6. Health Insurance 7. Paid initial professional training 8. Basic living Assistance
Other benefits information:
Total salary: 18,000RMB/month
Work requirements:
1. Native Speaker 2. Bachelor degree Or above 3. Degree major in English education, Linguistics or related. OR Internationally recognized TESOL certificate or equivalent OR 2-year English teaching related experience; OR 120 hours English teaching training taken.
1. 16-25 teaching hours/week 2. Patience and excellent communication skills with students 3. Plan and teach outstanding and engaging lessons that meet course syllabus goals and objectives 4. Keep up to date on Assess and record students’ progress and provide grades and feedback 5. Actively involved in extracurricular activities, such as summer camp, outdoor classes and short distance travel, etc.
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