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08/10/2018 CHINEASE
Job title:
Art Teacher
Work type:
Full-time job
Age group:
Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
1. Travel bonus (600GBP/annual) 2. Public holiday and annual vacation 3. Health Insurance 4. 14 days professional training 5. Basic living Assistance 6. Free Chinese Classes 7. Contract Renewal Bonus 8. Annual Performance Bonus 9. Settle in Service: -Arrival Assistance: Airport pick up -Living Assistance: setting up SIM card, bank account, transportation card, apartment rental, etc.
Other benefits information:
Total salary: Negotiable
Work requirements:
1. Overseas art, visual arts, design, or art education and other related professional backgrounds are preferred; 2. The professional foundation is solid, with excellent painting skills, and has strong artistic appreciation; 3. Strong learning ability and willing to accept new things; 4. Like children, love the education industry, have affinity, strong sense of responsibility, and be proactive.
1. Responsible for IB subject visual arts classroom instruction, student tutoring and curriculum design and planning; 2. According to the IB teaching objectives and requirements, build a curriculum system for visual arts disciplines, and enrich and improve the curriculum content; 3. According to the requirements of IB teaching, carry out interdisciplinary teaching program design and conduct inquiry teaching; 4. Meet the IB teaching objectives and outline requirements.
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