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NJ0025002-University Job
12/05/2018 CHINEASE
Job title:
International English Language Teacher
Work type:
Full-time job
Age group:
Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
1. Free accommodation about 50㎡ and equipment maintenance (will get 10,800RMB if the apartment is not needed); 2. 2000RMB water & electricity fee if living at campus apartment; 3. 2200RMB domestic travel reimbursement; 4. 5000RMB (Asia) /9000RMB (outside Asia) international air ticket reimbursement; 5. 2000RMB campus medical aid; 6. 600RMB accident insurance; 7. 400RMB Residence Permit Fee; 8. Diversified activities organized by government sectors and non-governmental organizations; 9. Summer and winter holidays, statutory holidays.
Other benefits information:
Total salary: 6500-7000RMB/Month
Work requirements:
1. Native English speaker 2. Bachelor degree or above 3. Two-year relevant teaching experience (having recommendation letters); or with TEFL; or majored in English language/ education
1. 14 teaching-hour per week 2. Two days off per week 3. Complete the teaching task with the help of Chinese assistant 4. Patient and excellent communication with students 5. Carry out related teaching plans and help students improve their language skills 6. Actively involved in school-related activities, such as summer camping, outdoor classes, excursions, etc.
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