Application Process

Talk to Us and Check Your Eligibility

Each job requires specific qualification, please read the job description fully and carefully before applying. If you want to know any further information, just give us a call or make an appointment to have a Skype!
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Apply your favorite Position then take the initial video interview

When you are ready, simply Apply Online or send your brilliant CV and Cover Letter to:
Depend on each position, Candidate may be ask to attend an online video interview, which lasts approximately 15-30 minutes.

Receiving an Offer after Passing the Interview

Successful candidates will be given an offer within a week(normally) after the final interview.

Visa Check and documents preparation

After receiving the offer, the candidate should prepare all the documents and follow the visa process step by step.
Don't worry! We are here to help and make your China adventure easy!

Welcome to China! Induction Week

Travel expenses will be covered by your employer as a travel bonus after finishing your contract. Your future colleague will be waiting for you at airport and they will take you to your new home. Whatever you want to know about your career, your life, and the problems you may face during your adventure in China will be solved within the induction week.

The reference time table for job application

Resume screening 1-2 Week(s)
Video interview 1-2 Week(s)
Final Skype interview 2 Weeks
Documents Preparation(Chinese Work Permit) 4-6 Weeks
Visa application 1 week
Usually, the reference time from Resume screening to induction is about 10 weeks.

Frequently asked questions